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In the current climate, we have all heard of the multimillion dollar lawsuits. Joe Schmo is sued for 2 million for backing into the neighbors car. John Smith is sued 3 million for cutting down the neighbors favorite hedge (with which they have had a long emotional attachment, none the less). Maybe even Juanita Fife, who is sued for looking too closely at the neighbor up the streets husband. In today's world, anything seems possible. So, to provide an extra layer of protection for an individual or family, there comes the Umbrella Policy. The Personal Umbrella provides an extra "layer" of coverage for the insured. Most commonly, they are found in 1, 2 or 3 million dollar amounts that respond as a supplement to the underlying home or auto insurance liability.


Everyone needs it, no one wants to pay for it because it is so expensive. With the climbing cost of medicine, prescriptions, and specialized treatments, how can anyone afford to be with out it. Health Insurance, whether through an individual plan or group plan, is one of the single most necessary pieces of insurance you can buy. It is arguably more important than auto insurance. Plans come in several forms: Straight Individual Health Insurance, Short Term Coverage (usually up to 180 days), Medical Savings Account (MSA), Individual Group Plans, Co-operative Group Plans, and so many more that specific companies create to fill a need. We have agents who are leading industry analyst and can provide very clear explanations of what is available and where you can find the coverage you want at a competitive price.


Not for you, but for those you love or need to take care of after your passing. There are few forms of insurance that really do nothing for the insured except with Life Insurance. It really doesn't give you, the insured, anything. What it does provide, is peace of mind. The knowledge that you have done something to help those who survive you. Provided in varying amounts, Life Insurance can be targeted to a household of varying incomes and different needs. Give us a call and let us help you evaluate and suggest possible options.

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